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Submit your work to WUT Base of Knowledge

Authors can provide open access to their work by submitting it to open repositories (if the contract with the publisher allows it). There are a number of benefits of archiving publications in the WUT Repository, these include:

  • increasing the visibility of the output on the web - content in the repository is indexed by various multi-search engines and content aggregators;
  • archiving your work in one place.

The rules for the use of the work by the author depend on the contract signed with the publisher. Depending on its terms and conditions, publishers allow different forms of publication in repositories:

  • preprint - a preliminary version of an article before scientific review and editorial work;
  • postprint - a version of the publication after reviews and editorial work, but before actual publication. It differs from the editorial version (already published in the journal) in that it does not yet have the journal-specific layout (publisher markings and formatting)
  • editorial version - the version of the article published on the publisher's website that includes the journal-specific layout.

The publisher's openness policy can be consulted, for example, on the Sherpa RoMEO website [LINK].
If you wish to submit a file to WUT Base of Knowledge please contact your faculty editor. List of faculty editors [LINK].



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