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A Brief History

The history of WUT Main Library is closely connected with the history of the university.

  • 1824 - The first idea of establishing a higher technical school - The Institute of Technology (Instytut Politechniczny)
  • 1825 - April. The Library Council was established to elaborate the final project of The Institute of Technology (Instytut Politechniczny)
  • 1826 - January 4 - Inauguration of the Preparatory School for the Institute of Technology. The first principal of the school was Kajetan Garbiński and the first librarian was Dionizy Lanckoroński.
  • 1831 - All universities in the Kingdom of Poland were closed as a consequence of the November Uprising.
  • 1895 - Opening of the Mechanical and Technical School of Wawelberg and Rotwald in Warsaw. In 1951, the collection of this school became a part of the WUT Library Collection.
  • 1898 - Opening of the Emperor Nicolas II University of Technology, with Russian as a medium of instruction.
  • 1915 - November 15  - Inauguration of the Warsaw University of Technology with Polish as a medium of instruction. Organizing the library collections after the damages of the World War I.
  • 1918 - Opening the Library with collections of 32,000 volumes.
  • 1939 - The Library collections amounted to almost 90,000 volumes.
  • 1939 - October - WUT Main Building occupied by the German Army.
  • 1944 - The Main Building and the Main Library Collection were burned down during the Warsaw Uprising.
  • 1945 - The Commission for the University Restoration decided to rebuild the Library collection.
  • 1996 - The extension of WUT Main Building to accommodate the Main Library started.
  • 1999 – September - Opening of the new facilities of the Main Library.
  • 2011 -  WUT Main Library organized a IATUL conference.

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