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Gathering literature and creating references

How to manage your research (resources and references)

During your research  and looking for input from books, journals or other  materials, you will have to deal with a lot of information, while  searching  scientific information you are building up a collection of relevant literature – it means  managing and processing references. You have to put it all together and manage references using special programme.

WUT ML recommends the following free programmes, for creating your own database. Special programmes can help you put it all together and create references  automatically:

  • Zotero - free access
  • EndNote Web - free access for teaching and research  staff via ISI Web of Knowledge platform
  • Mendeley - free reference manager

References management  software programme offers  tools  helping you “organize” all searching results. Here is what the programme can do:

  • Your references will be in your own searchable database
  • You can import descriptions from online databases, catalogues, journal indexes, full text sources
  • Your  searching results will be automatically formed for your references in the style you choose

If you collect references from many different resources, you have to remember to refer to the source you have been using, you should develop the list of cited papers as footnotes or endnotes


All researchers and students have follow the copyright law if they cite other authors` articles, books or the Internet links.

Remember to inform about  authors` names and  titles of the sources.


Accusations of plagiarism can have devastating consequences:

  • People in academic and scientific communities have lost their jobs and reputation for copying somebody work without giving credit to it, also financial consequences
  • More details - see Polish civil and criminal law

See also useful publications:

  1. Martin, P. [online]. Introduction to basic legal citation. United States, 2012. Dostępny pełny tekst https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/textbooks/99.
  2. Wytrębowicz, J. How to Write a Good Thesis. Some Tips [online].  Warszawa,  2018.  Dostępny pełny tekst http://bcpw.bg.pw.edu.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=8245

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