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WUT Libraries

WUT Library System

The WUT Library System (WUT LS) consists of Main Library, branch libraries, students’ halls of residence libraries and specialist libraries. Specialist libraries are located in faculties, institutes, chairs and other WUT units. The WUT LS libraries are interrelated and cooperate in supporting the research system and the process of studying. They constantly strive for closer cooperation in order to increase efficiency of services for library users.

Specialist libraries characteristics

User groups

Specialist libraries (faculty, institute and chairs) provide library and information services first of all to researchers, doctoral students and students of the unit the +library belongs to, then to users from other WUT units and to readers from outside the University.
Faculty libraries meet expectations and needs of students mainly. Institute and chair libraries support first of all research and teaching activities of academic staff and doctoral students of their parent units.


The specialist libraries primary task of is to select relevant literature and to provide proper and equitable access to the library collections. Therefore, the library materials are collected in accordance with the area of study and the scope of research activities carried out at each faculty, institute or chair.


The scope of library services offered by the WUT specialist libraries is defined by obligatory REGULATIONS for Access to the Collections and Provision of Information Services of the WUT Library System. However, individual specialist libraries may define some rules for accessing the collections differently, according to their specific operating conditions.

Most specialist libraries provide basic library services:

  • sharing collections (printed and electronic) – on site and borowing
  • providing information
  • training

The scope of library services, rules and procedures for their provision, and groups of users of particular services are, in most cases, defined by specialist libraries. For further information, refer to the individual libraries (see: Faculty and Institute Libraries).

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