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E-payment service at the library

The Library e-Payment Service for paying overdue fines is available in the  Main Library and most faculty libraries at Warsaw University of Technolgy

- online money transfers are made in cooperation with PayU - leader in the Polish market providing an online payment system that is easy to integrate and user-friendly
- online payments is immediately posted to the library account. Once you have paid your fees, your library account will be unblocked  and you will be able to borrow books
- you will have extra 3 days to bring back your books or extend their due date
- the service is available on the user’s electronic personal library account

Payment options:
- credit card
- online cash transfer
- PayU account
- money transfer in any bank or at the post office – bring a copy of the bill which you will find on your library account Attention! Your account will be unblocked when the money is transferred to the Main Library account

The service is available at:
- WUT Main Library and its braches
- Library of Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
- Library of Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering
- Library of Faculty of Civil Engineering
- Library of Faculty of Faculty of  Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering
- Library of Faculty of Mechatronics
- Library of Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering
- Library of Faculty of Automobiles and Heavy Machinery Engineering
- Library of Faculty of Transport


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I pay overdue fines using electronic payments?
The electronic payment option is available on your library account in the Fines&Fees bookmark.

2. Is it safe to pay overdue fines using electronic payments?
Yes, it is. Online Payments service is supplied by PayU – a company that provides an online payment system. You can find more about user’s security in PayU on https://www.payu.pl/en/user-security

3. What are “the baskets” and how do they work?
The baskets allow you to see how much you have to pay for overdue books from each WUT location. For example all overdue fines for books from the ML Students Lending Room and ML Open Stacks will be combined  into one fine – visible in one basket. Information about overdue fines from the specific faculty library will appear in a separate basket. Select specific basket and make an online money transfer.

4. What is the minimum amount I can transfer using online payments?
You can use online payments when the fee is  more than 0,50 PLN.

5. I have a fee which is less than 0,50 PLN. What should I do?
You can pay it with the cash at the specific WUT library.

6. Do I have to bring back overdue books before paying the fee using  e-payment service?
No, there is no need to do it. When you pay the fee using the library e-payment service, you have  extra 3 days to return the books to the library. You can also renew the due date of the borrowed books (if nobody else is waiting for the book and you haven't renewed it 3 times already). Note that these extra 3 days are only given when you pay online. If you want to pay with cash  at the library you have to bring back the  books first.

7. How long do I have to wait for unblocking my library account after making an online payment?
It depends on the way of payment that you choose. When you pay with payU account, online transfer or with a credit card, your library account will be unblocked almost immediately after making the transfer.  If you use money transfer in any bank or at the post office you will need to wait until the money is posted to the account. It can last up to 3 work days.

8. I’ve downloaded a copy of the bill and paid with a money transfer in the bank. I have a confirmation of the payment. Is there any chance to speed up unblocking of my account?
No, there is not. When you chose online payment from your library account, there is no way to speed up the procedure. Remember that if you want to unblock your library account quickly, you can come and pay a fee at the library.

9. Is there any extra charge for e-payment service?
No, there is no extra charge for paying fee using e-payment service.


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