ML Open Stacks

It’s a part of the ML WTU where users are allowed to pick library items (journals and books) from the shelves by themselves. ML Open Stacks section is located: Level 2 – journals, magazines and books; Level 2A and Level 3  – books.

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Arrangement of items

Items in the ML Open Stacks section are arranged by 18 subject classes, which in tern are marked by letters. Within the class items are arranged alphabetically by the title or the author's name.

For example: Modern control engineering by Katsuhiko Ogata - is located in H20 section under the keyword Ogata (H20.Ogata - is the classe name for this item).

Item searching

If you want to find an item(s) in the ML Open Stacks section, first of all you need to check the item's class name in the computer catalogue and then find the item on the shelf. You can find this information in Details tab.


You can borrow from amoung the items without the red label. The items with the red  label cannot be borrowed. They can only be used on site. Lending and returns can be done at every level of the ML Open Stocks section.

Items witch are borrowed by another user can be requested online from the ML Open Stacks section.